Test Results

Get your test results

For your test results please telephone the surgery after 2pm.

On average please allow 3 working days for your test results to come back from the hospital unless your doctor has advised otherwise.

Several results take longer than three days to come back:

  • Faecal examination 4-7 days
  • HbA1c (glycosylated haemoglobin) 1 week
  • Rheumatoid tests 1-2 weeks
  • X-ray/Ultrasound 14 days or more
  • Cervical smear 2-3 weeks
  • Swab Culture & Sensitivity 1 week

Sometimes, we cannot always give full results over the phone. If the result is complicated, or if the doctor wants to see you about the result, we will offer you an appointment. All pregnancy test results require an appointment with the Practice Nurse. We will only give results to the person who has had the test.